Mortar Delivery Vehicle (MDV)

The Hymix Mortar Delivery Vehicle (MDV) was initially developed for production in the early 1990's. Its purpose is to allow the delivery of up to 4 different colours or classes of mortar potentially reducing time on site when compared with a Colour Master whilst assisting with consistency in colour as each batch is larger.

Initially restricted to a National Fleet, the Hymix MDV is now available on the general market, the standard configuration is 4 compartments each of 2.5m3 with options of an easy sheet and a hydraulic tub lifter allowing delivery and collection of tubs whilst doing the rounds!

This unit differs from our drum mixers in that the body is fixed, whilst the mortar load is kept in good condition with a series of blades mounted on a heavy duty central shaft.

Loading is done via a pan mixer or similar through the top of the body, and there are chutes for each compartment down the offside of the vehicle. Waste is minimised by the fitment of rubber wipers to the blades and the radial support arms.

A recently introduced option is the Hydraulic Tub Lift. Mounted at the rear of the truck this will typically manage up to 6 tubs.

Hymix Mortar Delivery Vehicle (MDV)