Hymix Colour Master

The Colour Master is used as a secondary mixer typically mounted to a Hymix SS-Series drum mixer. The concept is based on carrying a large drum full of natural mortar, then decanting smaller quantities into the Colour Master where pigments can be added. With a 0.6m3 capacity, the Colour Master will blend enough mortar to fill 2 typical tubs.

The key advantage of the Colour Master is its flexibility, drawing from a full drum of mortar, the Colour Master can deliver upto 40 tubs of mortar each one a different colour. The ability to deliver different colours to different sites without the need to return to the base plant gives a real reduction in transport cost. Washing out a smaller vessel between colours reduces the amount of wasted material and water used to wash off.

Good for business and the environment.

Hymix SS Series with Colour Master