About Us

Known for our ground-breaking innovation, HYMIX completed a game changing move with a new strategic business model. Analysing market need, HYMIX has entered a long-term supply agreement that has increased production capacity and increased quality in transforming from traditional manufacturing to modern global automotive engineering standards.

The transition has taken 2 years in planning and execution and involved a number of challenges.   The outcome can be seen in the product, processes and performance resulting from our investment that together represent 10 years progress.

The new HYMIX design was a key part in this strategy.  Sustained, long term research and development resulted in optimum materials and quality component selection.  Excellent mix and discharge performance now comes with the best payload in class.  The controls offer possibilities of integrated functionality that deliver real competitive advantage to our customers and their environmental impact reductions also possible.  

Often regarded as the best-looking machine in the market, HYMIX design ethos of integration gives the impression of effortless ability enhancing our customers’ brand. It’s easy to keep clean too!

The new production facility offers a not only greater capacity, but also the space needed to get the quality right.  Safe and stress free, the manufacturing staff can focus on the product with all the equipment available to do the very best job.  

To protect your investment, all steel work is shot-blasted before e-coating (immersion in 14 baths) to give excellent corrosion protection.  Powder primer and a powder top coat provides further corrosion protection in a mechanically strong outer shell with a great finish.  

Our increased capacity means that while we have forward orders, we also have production slots available at short notice and a choice of mixers, mounted on chassis ready to go to work.

To book your slot for a best in class P2 Series Mixer contact the HYMIX Sales team on 01952 200900.


30 Years of HYMIX Transit Mixers

Hymix is a private company established in 1988 is now celebrating its 30th Year providing engineering and innovation to the UK Transit Mixer market. During this we have worked tirelessly to engineer a mixer guided by the key principles of performance, functionality, quality, safety and innovation. We believe that this approach has helped to deliver a mixer which is both modern and economical to operate and the results of  which can be seen in our latest P2 Transit Mixer.


The P2 Transit Mixer

The P2 Series Transit Mixer which is the lightest in its category enabling suppliers to carry maximum desired payload whether your order a 4, 6 or 8 metre drum, thus speeding up the return on your investment. We are aware that customers focus on different aspects of mixer design to meet their strategy, but each aspect has a value and the P2 was designed to eliminate compromise.

 Wet and Dry Mix Performance for Concrete




  • #1 mix performance from wet & dry plants – the mixer you choose can greatly influence the quality of the delivered product.
  • #1 discharge performance. Save time and fuel on site, what is one extra load a week worth?
  • Blade configuration minimises build up. – Minimises cleaning & Maintenance
  • #1 for payload lightest machine in like for like comparisons



  • ‘Mix Master’ technology delivers ultimate control with a number of key features built in to support:-
    • Concrete Slump measurement and control (Mixmaster Pro)
    • Cyclist and vulnerable road user protection
    • Control & reduce fuel consumption, emissions and drum wear
    • Enhance safety in driving


  • Site wash system simple & easy to clean
  • Reduced emissions using Hymix ‘Mix Master’ Control System
  • Powder Coating process more efficient than wet spray and less harmful to the environment


  • Hymix ‘Site Light System’ (SLS)
  • Back lit cyclist sign flashes with indicators
  • Side Markers flash with turn indicators
  • Discharge not permitted above kerbing speed
  • Sloping ladder with wide rungs and sliding bottom section leading to large platform.
  • Proven Hydraulics
  • Quality Materials and components match the application for a longer service life
  • Forced air cooler optimises hydraulic operation.


  • High quality coating process, out performs conventional wet-spray
    • Corrosion resistant E-coating
    • Mechanically strong Powder Coating
  • Great aesthetic, easy to clean

Aftersales parts and service for HYMIX transit mixers


  • Steelwork blasted, E-coated and Powder topcoat as a part of the production process
  • All new Production line with Automotive management
  • Stainless Steel fasteners