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The Evolution of the Hymix Concrete Transit Mixer

Hymix is a private company established in 1988 with the intention of delivering quality engineered products to the heavy building materials industry.

With the UK to choose from, Hymix made Telford its home, with its industrial heritage offering a skilled workforce and quality materials available locally, Telford had the added advantage of being reached from most parts of the Country within 4.5 hours driving time.

In July of 1988 Hymix opened its doors at an industrial unit on the Hortonwood Estate, its' first model, the SS range, was similar in many ways to others available at the time, the differentiating factors were an improved frame design, excellent mix performance and fairly priced parts catalogue.  Customers found the fresh open approach appealing and the customer base began to grow

The recession of the early 1990's gave Hymix the opportunity to further develop its machine based on some field experience, but importantly by listening to customers and operators.  The culmination of the exercise saw the launch of the patented Rapid Discharge (RD) range.   This offered customers the chance to save considerable time and fuel on each delivered load whilst retaining the mix characteristics of the original drum.  The benefits to the customer were clear and considerable and this model contributed greatly to the growth of Hymix allowing them to move manufacturing to the Stafford Park 11 site in October 1995.  In keeping with the Hymix philosophy of value, the RD machine included steel light guards and a hydraulic pressure gauge to assist in slump estimation as standard on every machine.

The RD model was refined in 1999 to address changes in the market and society generally.  Our customers were delighted with the mix and discharge performance of the Hymix drum and focus moved to loading both to minimise dust from an environmental perspective and to reduce the time the vehicle was under the plant.  Designated as Load Rapid / Rapid Discharge (LRD) the refined model featured a modified drum mouth that resolved both issues.  At the same time CE marking had been introduced and our Engineers stepped up the focus on safe operation a feature that remains central to our activities today.  anti-trap devices were added to all panchutes, and the ladders were upgraded to give high grip rungs.  In another aspect, the drum volume was increased to reflect a trend in the industry toward higher slump concrete.   Structuraly too the LRD broke important new ground for Hymix, with a change from traditional box section subframes to a C section solution that was better matched to the more modern trucks.

The LRD model formed the platform for the UK industry Transit Mixer Safety Drive in 2002 with a wealth of features being demanded as minimum specification requirements.   Of particular note was the shift to electronic controls that not only isolate the front and rear drum control from each other, but also prevented accidental drum rotation on start up.  Hydraulic power was introduced for rise and fall on the chutes helping remove the operator from the crush zone.  These mandatory requirements were later dropped due to flaws in the Sauer Danfoss Components on which they relied.

2006 was the next landmark in the evolution of the Hymix range.  Considerable engineering assessment of chassis behaviour and C section frames led to a refinement of the frame installation that eliminated U bolts and reduced the weight of the machine by establishing redundancy in the earlier designs.   The programme took 3 years to complete and involved strain gauging, 3D computer modelling and Finite Element Analysis of static and dynamic loadings.  Such extensive research led to the range being known as 'LRD Advanced'  Led by our customers, this machine saw a return to mechanical cable control and a direct drive water pump.

Just as the successful RD machine was developed in the recession of the early 1990's, the recent economic downturn has allowed Hymix to completely refocus on the machine design taking the very best of each of its predecessors to deliver the P-Series range.  It Mixes as well as our very first drums, uses ground breaking Rapid Discharge with refined Loading, but is now even more generous offering a full m3 extra space in each drum.   The Advanced frame has been given a makeover that leaves it looking better and easier to clean.   It's modular construction means even more of the parts are common across the range.   Safety is given a front seat with the fold over chute removed and an additional extension chute in its place, a work lamp, rear beacon and xenon strobes are standard the ladder retains the anti slip rungs with minimum moving parts and is set at a height that makes it genuinely useful removing the temptation to climb up on the railings  The reliability of the high quality cable controls a heavy duty PTO shaft (where required) and the direct drive water pump all contribute to the appeal of this optimised design.  

It is easy to complain about increased legislation in terms of both the demands and the constraints it imposes, however, the P - Series shows how it is possible to embrace the challenges and deliver the best ever product and support.