Smart Tachographs Regulation Start Date

With a start date of June 2019  the introduction of Smart Tachographs is just around the corner and will include the ‘Readymix’ concrete industry. The introduction of the regulation will see many improvements that allow for more accurate driver compliance monitoring, this will mean increased safety benefits for all interested parties concerned including both drivers and the general public. The new features will see the implementation of satellite positioning monitoring via global navigation satellite system (‘GNSS’).  This will run alongside driver hours recording and the addition of ‘Remote Early Detection Communication Reader’ meaning that vehicles will not need to be theoretically stopped to allow the DVSA to be able to read the data to detect misuse or fraud.

Truck Driver Loading Smart Tachograph

Smart Tachograph Regulation

The regulation has already become enshrined in UK law as of 2016 and should make it easier for transport operations monitoring with a reduced potential for tachograph fraud. In conjunction using ITS – Intelligent Transportation Systems will make it easier to download data to fleet management systems for transport managers. This will in turn be subject to them fulfilling their own data storage criteria and data processing alongside general data protection regulation (GDPR).

Existing technology in the the form of digital tachographs will remain in operation until then and is still readily available through manufacturers releasing stock vehicles to the market including those for the ‘Readymix’ industry.

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