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Mortar Delivery Vehicles

Demand from consumers and the construction industry is driving the need for greater variation in the types of mortar and screeds being delivered. The wide variety of products demanded and offered brings its own logistical challenge. Meeting this challenge drives operators to search for a flexible delivery solution to reduce journeys and minimise waste. HYMIX has been meeting this challenge with a range of products tailored to customer needs.

  • Enhanced Mortar Carrying Capacity – Up-to 10 cubic metres

  • Modular Pod System – 1 – 5 Pods depending on Gross Vehicle Weight

  • Easy Operation – Durable controls created for tough environments

Choosing the Right Mortar Mixer

Providing a good mortar mix relies on supplying a product which is of consistent quality. Ready to use mortar keeps bricklayers in action and supports our construction industry. For mortar delivery applications our pods machine mix the product to ensure that workability and consistency is maintained. In hot weather work our pods can close to  reduce water loss via evaporation. This is achieved using either the cab or vehicle controls station.

Cleaning your Mortar Equipment

  • Easy to Maintain – Safe access walkway to all pod units

  • Robust Blade Configuration – Robust blades give you a consistent mix

  • Enhanced Consistency– Keep you product consistent on route to site

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