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Supporting Drivers, Operators and Owners

At HYMIX we  know that keeping your concrete mixer in good working order is key to maintaining operational up-time and allows you to deliver to your clients with minimal fuss. With an experienced service and technical on hand you can be sure you’ll get access to both knowledge and parts you need fast.

This experience has been built over 30 Years of operation. Coupled with the recent move to our new premises Hortonwood we have taken the leap to advance our core products to encompass both e-coat and powder coating finish.

Mixer Service Support Repairs

Helping you Maintain Mixer Fleet

Transit Mixers and Mortar delivery vehicles are by there very nature placed within demanding environments. At HYMIX we ensure that we carry a range of

mixer parts to keep you moving. Whether your water pump has failed after a heavy frost or your your pan chute has worn away, we carry everything from the hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motor all the way through to gearboxes – plastic body fittings.

On top of this you’ll find that in most cases that we are able to deliver to the majority of the UK with a next day delivery.

Mixer Parts Online

Maintaining your Transit Mixer

The moving parts within mixer machines need regular lubrication in accordance with the owner manual and general maintenance guides. Choosing the right match for your mixer will save you time and money whilst reducing the need for repair. HYMIX recommend HV46 hydraulic fluid, EP2 grease and greasing guns, EP85 Gearbox Oil.

We also understand that your fleet may be mixed which is why we also offer a range of parts suitable for competitor machines.

Peace of mind parts ordering

The components range we sell are all backed with a comprehensive warranty covering hydraulic pumps, motor and the mixer gearbox in the event of premature failure.

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We are also conduct service and repair work for transit mixers, including replacement mixer drums, gearboxes, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and flow meters. Alternatively If you run a fleet you may also be interested in our capping and re-blade maintenance service. We do half, three quarter and full drum re-blades including capping.

Fabrications for HYMIX mixers can be ordered from our warehouse stock, including V hoppers, charge hoppers, pan chutes and extension chutes.