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Celebrating 30 Years of Engineering & Innovation

Known for our ground-breaking innovation, HYMIX completed a game changing move at the start of 2018 with a new strategic business model. Analysing market need, HYMIX entered into a long-term supply agreement with a leading manufacturer. This has helped us to transform from a traditional manufacturing model to one which is backed by modern global automotive engineering standards.

The transition has took 2 years in planning and execution and involved a number of challenges.   The outcome can be seen in the product, processes and performance resulting from our investment that when combined together represent 10 years worth of progress.

The new HYMIX design was a key part in this strategy.  Sustained, long term research and development resulted in optimum materials and quality component selection.  Excellent mix and discharge performance now comes with the best payload in class.  The controls offer possibilities of integrated functionality that deliver real competitive advantage to our customers and their environmental impact reductions also possible.

We are also often regarded as supplying the best-looking machine in the market, the HYMIX design ethos of integration gives the impression of effortless ability enhancing our customers’ brand. It’s easy to keep clean too!

Mix Performance

The HYMIX drum offer a superior mix performance from wet & dry plants combined with excellent discharge speed you can save time and fuel on site, what is one extra load a week worth?

  • Great mix performance delivers quality to your Customers
  • Speed – Excellent discharge reduces time on site
  • Capacity – Large drums hold your products better minimising risk of spillage
  • Payload – Lightest mixer on the market for any given drum thickness – Deliver more!

Easy to Maintain

  • EASY CLEANING – Water pipes and electrical cabling are all neatly tucked away leaving clean flat surfaces
  • PTO COVER – with lockable catches for easy access, and robust hinges for secure opening to grease prop-shaft
  • ROLLERS & TRACK – greased through ground level manifold
  • DRAIN-OFF – 2 valves only, a single valve to rear & one for water pump case.
  • WASH OFF – Spare chutes stowed over AWAYWASH with ‘dirty side’ facing out for ease of washing.
  • TOOLBOX – for driver convenience a lockable toolbox is included with all trucks

Environment and Safety

  • MIX MASTER – Engine stop – Start and panic button at rear control panel – Standard
  • MIX MASTERHYMIX Site Light System (SLS)
  • LADDER – Wide Rungs, angled deployment, sliding bottom section for restricted space.
  • NOISE – Reduced body rattle from Nylon slides & guides, panchute hook. Hinged Side guard legs use plastic grips not pins
  • AWAYWASH – Optional site wash system collect wash off on site and process back at base.
  • DRUM – Huge access cover as standard for safer easier access & exit from your drum.
  • WORK PLATFORMS – 3 work platforms assist in drum access and when greasing PTO shaft – Standard
  • CONTROL PANEL – Visual feed back of Status – Includes Drum speed & direction with optional Mix Master 2 and above.
  • CONTROL PANEL – Provides independent single station control of lamps and drums with Mix Master 2 and above.
  • CHUTES – Both spare chutes of high strength steel for light weight easy handling & elimination of fold-over chute
  • ENGINEERING & DESIGN – Full 3D drawing software and in house Finite Element Analysis
  • E-COAT – All fabrications except frame runners and drum are shot-blasted, Chemically cleaned and coated in 14 baths – Standard
  • POWDER COAT – Full Automotive Finish with parts coated after welding but before assembly – Maximum Protection – Standard
  • COMPONENTS – Careful selection of components and materials to ensure that Quality is built in from the start
  • MANUFACTURING – Processes and management by GKN – Global Automotive Manufacturer


By combining all of the below  you can be confident that you’re purchasing a mixer that will retain its residual value.

Key Benefits

  • High quality coating process, out performs conventional wet-spray
  • Corrosion resistant E-coating on key components
  • Mechanically strong Powder Coating
  • Great aesthetic, easy to clean